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Do you love the idea of getting into Bonsai but don’t know where to start? Bonsai Basics is here to help – we aim to make bonsai both affordable and accessible.

Bonsai is a fascinating hobby that can give you years of pleasure but it can be quite confusing when you’re just starting out. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the choice of tools, soils and accessories, you’ll know what we mean!

But here at Bonsai Basics, our carefully selected range of products offers all the equipment for bonsai tree enthusiasts at affordable prices that your pocket will love.

Bonsai Supplies at prices you’ll love

In our store, you’ll find a range of bonsai tools that are great quality and great value. From scissors and secateurs to soil sieves and scoops, we have everything that the beginner bonsai enthusiast could need.

When it comes round to time to wire your bonsai tree, we stock great quality bonsai wire in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

You’ll love our range of ceramic bonsai tree pots which will display your bonsai trees at their very best. We also stock a great selection of plastic bonsai pots which are perfect for training your bonsai tree. 

And you’ll also find a range of sundries to keep your trees in great condition, including bonsai feed and wound sealant.

Secure online ordering and fast delivery

Our secure online store means you can place your order with confidence, and we offer payment by credit and debit card or through PayPal or Stripe.

We offer fast delivery, with same day shipping on orders placed before 11am and free UK shipping on orders over £75.

So take a look around our store for everything the new bonsai enthusiast needs. Our aim is to make bonsai accessible for all so if you need any advice, please do get in touch!

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